Total Quest Experience (New Character Experience): 2540
Last Session Story XP: 290
2 Sessions Ago Story XP: 360
3 sessions Ago: 80

New Characters: Level 3; Starting Equipment: 1 Level 2 Item, 1 Level 3 Item, 1 Level 4 Item, 520 gold. See Character Information for details.

Quest Log
Current Quests the party is on, along with their experience value and, if applicable, how much gold you were offered to complete it. UPDATE: Will only list quests here that range beyond 1 game session, since I got lazy and skipped like 4 already that were minor…most are just personal or same level as party anyway

Jeleneth? Jena? Short-Toothed, round-eared girl? Where are you?(Level 4)
A young wizard from Milborne, Haranshire, named Jeleneth (or “Jena” for short) disappeared one night without informing her fiance or her father. It was believed that she was headed to her teacher, Tauseter. The night of her disappearance, there were no signs of a struggle, but the majority of her personal effects were still in her room. The door was unlocked. She is described as an attractive, slim 20 year old woman with raven hair, and green eyes, and stands about 5’4". She is known to have a distinctive rich-blue cloak with silver clasps and a silver ring that has a “J” engraved on the inside of the band.
Updates (session 1): She was not at Tausters, nor has Kuiper seen signs of her along the Hog Brook. Level upped to 2.
Update (Session 5): Have we even tried to find her in a while? I mean, really? have we?
Gold: 50
Experience: who the f*ck cares anymore.

Night Below

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