Night Below

Session 9 - 3/31
The Great Rock Dale

We’ve had a chance to rest back in town and buy stuff and suchforth.

The church in Millborne has contacted Lyrik. We go there and there are
two men in there. The younger is Semhase, who runs the church. The
other guy has entered before but she doesn’t know him that well. They
call Lyrik over. Younger would go himself, but tells her the old
temple curator had dreams in the past about some artifact of Pelor in
Great Rock Dale. Stone of rose rising from the ground. New curator
(old guy) says Semhase can’t leave the church, so he’ll give Lyrik old
guy’s holy symbol and some gold, along with his journal, to go get
this thing. They don’t know where Jenna is.

Great Rock Dale is a cavey area like those Ekk used to hunt in. Easy
enough to get up into it. We use the journal and our knowledge of
nature, history, magic, and religion to get to the specific place
based on landmarks. Seems to be more of an obelisk than the kind of
stone we were expecting.

250xp + 20xp story

As we’re looking at the stone, wondering how to do anything useful
with it, we are set upon by orcs.

348xp + 15xp story

More orcs come out and surround us. Devin know the orcs here don’t
like hobgoblins. We tell them we don’t like hobgoblins either. They
didn’t take kindly to my saying that we came here to look at the rock.
They say if we kill hobgoblins and I give them my sword they’ll let
us go. We agree and they take us to a goblin cave.

133xp + 15xp story

FIGHT (with hobgoblins)
586xp + 23xp story

200gp chalice, 50gp torque, 6×15gp officer broaches

The orcs are impressed but tell us not to come back, one comments on
another faction of orcs (bad smell) and gets hit by his commander for
it. We’ve noticed bad smells on bandits. That one still tries to
talk but gets hit again by a superior who doesn’t think they should
tell us anything. Bloodskulls wanted these guys to join them, this guy
said they were scared. Apparently they smell like orc females in heat.
(Except, other orcs wouldn’t find this to be a bad smell, as it would
instead likely make males crazy with lust. So we’ll pretend Darin said
something more reasonable to get across that it’s a fishy smell…)

133xp + 17xp story

We go back to the temple in Millborne and tell them where the stone
is. They’ll send people to get it.

200xp story

110gp and Sun Disk of Pelor

Totals (for EACH person): 150gp, 1450xp, 290xp story

Session 8 - 3/24
Ruins in the Thorwood - Conclusion

We’re still upstairs, with a new map of the downstairs area drawn by the one guy we let live after our last fight. Quinn left with the kid to take him back to the law. Carter has apparently fallen in love with a villager and asked her hand in marriage, so they’ve been looking for a house together or something.

We head down the stairs in the lumber room. There are footprints heading north through the dust.
> go north
We see the doors to the store room, the toilet, and the prison.
> open storeroom
A huge rat runs out and Devin kills it.

Storeroom is filled with broken furniture, bits of rope, and other useless junk. We check the privy, for thoroughness. Carrion crawler pops out of the pit.

200xp +35xp story

Secret door next to the prison door. It’s locked. Prison also locked, but there’s a grille Devin can see through to teleport. He opens the door for the rest of us. Crazy person’s charcoal drawings on the wall. Several dogs and someone cackling.

217xp +40xp story
100gp chalice, 40gp coins under the bed

There’s a dead wizard and some other bodies in one of the rooms, which have already been looted. We go into the undead room. Former Pelor chapel, now shrine to Orkus, demon of the undead. Also there are zombies.

233xp +35xp story

Altar is mostly covered in what looks like dried blood. We wreck the altar and Lyrik reconsecrates it as a potential new shrine to Pelor.
100xp story for everyone.

We leave and rest (ding!)

(Note to self: have not added any wealth from last or this session to wotc site, nor xp below this point.)

We go back down into the room that has been marked “Priest” on our map, through a secret door in the hallway. It has a nice table set out for a banquet, and also a man and 6 zombies. Lyrik and Devin both die, but Ekk gives them their healing potions and revives them.

498xp + 250xp story

Leader has 3 keys (one ivory and guilded, doesn’t seem to go to anything), magical eyepatch, magical cloak, 8 vials of elixer, 120gp, bracelet (300gp)

Eyepatch is “skullmask” item. (Ekk)
Deep pocket cloak (cloak of holding, +2 to defenses) (Devin)
Elixers of Levitation are the vials (4 Lyrik, 2 Ekk and Devin)

Secret room chest 445gp 250sp, 2 silver flasks with fishy-smelling liquid and goblin ring cult symbol on it.

TOTAL (Each character):
1148 encounter xp (Lyrik gets an extra 75)
360 story xp
343gp 3sp

Session 7 - 3/15/12
Ruins in the Thornwood (part 1)

(from the journal of Ekk)

Recall female druid from before (Oleanne or something). Kuiper (ranger) contacts us with info: druid didn’t find orcs, but did find a recently reoccupied fortification (had been abandoned). They may be the kidnappers or connected to them somehow. No sign of Jenna, but Devin somehow seems to have conjured additional wolf/hyena hybrids into existence by looking under a rock, so that was weird…

Then there was some reminiscing about “larp-ing”, whatever that may be. Ekk kind of zoned out at this point.

In the night, Oleanne brings us to the fortification. Sleepy guard with a crossbow. Quinn thinks to pretend to be killed by a wolf in front of the gate, so guard investigates. The rest of us hide. They’re not buying it. Someone came to investigate, sliding the window open in the gate. It slams closed, and the doors start to open a couple minutes later. Two guys come to bring his body in, and he kills them. Entire fortress is on alert.

413 encounter + 60 story + 20 for the bluffing trick.

We get one of them to surrender after killing the rest (angsty teenager). He asks us if we want to kill the priest, not the redheaded guy, but he does have an eyepatch. He’ll draw us a map of the basement.

10gp earring, 40gp bracelet, potion of healing, 50gp pair of dice, 125gp ring, 50sp in change. 57g5s each.

That was the upper floor. Tune in next time for: Basement!

6th Session

(from the Diary of Eek)

Summoned to Lord of Thurmaster’s manor. He thanks us for our previous work. Derpy needs realignment due to an accident in the snow. (It made him chaotic evil, which doesn’t fly with the rest of us. Or with this edition of D&D.)

Some shepherd discovered a room under a big stump, with a strange glowing portal. Now Lord’s son is all gung ho about exploring it, so we need to babysit. Son’s 19, we call him Scooter, even though those don’t exist in this world and no one has ever called him that in his life. He’ll give 280gp to keep Scooter alive.

Portal screams “FEY!” to Devin. He knows it can come out miles away, as it uses the same principles as his own teleportation. Scooter and Lyrik are roped together for safety. Ekk walks through. Golden leaves puff out and disappear. They follow through, Lyrik pushes Scooter, which cuts the rope, leaving her with 45ft. She goes through as well.

Appear in a 40×40ft deep underground. Empty except for 5 portals (there isn’t one we came through) and a fountain with carved Elven sentence. (Information on the paper Darin gave us.) Some of the letters are worn (on the fountain). First two letters have been traced over many times, but long ago. Fountain connected to the elemental chaos to skip a pump system. Devin traces them and finds a good fit, probably the same race had done it all the times before. This is a tomb which will eventually lead back to where we started. Words above the portals refer to who’s buried there in each section.

We decide to go through the warrior portal, “Ohtar”. Identical room, but now more letters are worn. Then we go through the one that starts with the next worn vowel. We make it through and back out, because now there’s a portal back to the understump room. Scooter wants to go back in, but we think we’ve already taken him where he wanted to go. He’ll pay us 20gp to go back in, and his share of the loot.

We go back in, through the thief portal. Now the room has horrific demonic statues with clay jars (how elves are buried to prevent reanimation) around them. Suit of studded leather for the rogue, conveniently. Statues are not magic, not undead, not natural creatures. They’re gargoyles which Devin discovers, and will reanimate when we walk in front of them.


We go back through the portal to the starting room. Then through the Priest door. Floor with tons and tons of carvings, every 5×5 tile has a glyph trap on it. Carter walks across and disables it. Elven skeleton in a sarcophogus on the other side has a 100gp bracelet.

Now through the Wizard door. There’s a grassy area with trees and a pond and stuff. Magic keeping the place alive, but the trees are actual trees. Tree creatures step out when Carter gets close. They’re dryads. We keep telling Devin to shut up about all the fire damage he can do.


We find 3 platinum rings (100gp each)

825xp (525 of which is story)

175gp each from reward and selling loot

Fifth Session
Kidnapping on the Mores and Crypt

Story XP: 450

(From Ekk)

We start in Thurmaster. Regrouped with everyone. Derpy is now mostly
successfully pulling the cart Quinn got for him. He is less
successfully not eating the feather on his barding helmet.
We notice Squire Marlin organizing the guardsmen into a search party.
He calls us over. Seven Pilgrims of Pelor (and 2 guards) were
supposed to have arrived a few days earlier. They fear the worst.
Searching Howler’s Moor. We decide to help with the search.

Hear a howling in the distance after about a day of searching.
Wolf-like, but not just one kind of howl, coming from different
directions. Two humanoid bodies in the distance. Barely alive or
slightly undead, as one of them moves. Pretty mangled, so probably
the latter. Both have Pelor necklace and patches. Attempting to hold
in his intestines. A red-haired man allegedly took the other pilgrims
(so says the one still moving, so maybe they were just a bit alive
still). These were the guards for the 7 still-missing pilgrims.
Howling is getting louder.

FIGHT! 155xp (and 150xp for finding the pilgrims + 150xp for bringing them back)

There are tracks leading away, which we follow. They lead to the
river and vanish, but are heading westward (away from town). Bindings
found on the side of the trail, but they were walking. We brought the
bodies back to town, saying we lost the others. Red-haired guy with a
scar isn’t a local, but is the same guy who took the wizard Lyrik and
Carter were escorting. We search a bit more, pilgrims are nowhere to
be found.

The Count encountered a tomb with a cursed locked door. We decide to
go check it out, as it’s killing dudes and he’ll pay us to figure out.
Statue of maybe an elven wizard/fighter type. Down one hallway, we
see two creatures (undead). There’s an arm in one’s mouth. Ghouls
and/or ghasts.

FIGHT! 160xp

We solve the door puzzle and get 150xp. There’s monsters and such on
the other side. Giant bloated corpse in the water.

FIGHT! 155xp (150 plot xp for getting into the tomb)

We find some good stuff in the tomb (lots of art and such that we take
a cut of for 234gp each).

Fourth Session
Gleaming Glade and Peril on the River

Session Story XP: 125
Again from Ekk.

New session! (11/12/11)

Old man in millburne has been mining the hills for generations or somesuch. Talking to Carter, about the Hardlow, other side of the high moor. They were singing about it last night? Treasure? (I guess while we dealt with the dragon and giant problem for Thurmaster.) Cult of handless eyeless god (vechna?) in those woods. Two or three generations ago. Wiped out by a paladin. Parlax? Parfait? The hero fell in some tar or something. Old man knows a song about it. We might be able to get his guilded metal magic armor if we went. Sounds like a plan. (Quinn is training his pack drake / giant salamander thing that he bought from the lizard people.)

We hear howling. FIGHT! We kill the wolves for 125xp.

There are places that seem like they could be the right place, but nothing really stands out until nightfall, when we see a distant phosphorescence. Everything is covered in a pretty glowing mossy stuff. Don’t seem to be any traps there. Tarry pool. Shadowfell energy around. Nothing has grown here in quite some time. These facts are probably related. Temple used to be here, and the paladin cursed it as he died.

Dark energy wafts together over the edge of the tar pit. Humanoid creature made of necrotic energy. Some manner of undead. (GM Note: used Adventure Tools to give weeping writh insub/wraith spawn and solo status, reduced to level 3)
We dig up a bunch of stuff after killing it, in the tarry pool.
kukri-like dagger, elven on it “rebound” – rebounding dagger +2
simple longsword, “proteus”, dynamic longsword +2
ankh necklace – amulet of life +1
kite shield – foe fending shield (marks someone who hits an ally)
fine platinum choker, 340gp
sealed silver case, 75gp
(rhythm blade short sword – I get from Carter and give him the longsword)
25xp story

Inside the case is a letter to Lothar, they’ve been attacked by orcs and sending reinforcements. Spire Keep. From Kanthus. Determined to be about 150 years old, so probably of the paladin and such mentioned in the song (Lothar is the paladin).

We rest and get back all our dailies and such. Quinn left a letter that we’d meet him in Thurmaster. We take barge duty to get paid to go back there. 110gp for the group (28 for me). Walking along the river, escorting the barge, just before dawn. Ambushed by people, one of them is missing his right eye. He’s hooded and swarthy. Others are fighters and bowmen.
Eyeless guy escapes by flying and casting darkness. We kill the others.
We gain:
whitish elven longbow – screaming longbow +1
flensing short sword +1
potion of healing
100xp story

(Milborne can make basic +1 bows and maybe other weapons. Actual quality stuff we can’t buy easily.) (GM Note: “Quality” translates as actual magic magic items, basic well-made, read: just a plus boinus gear, can be purchased…strange materials would need the right people, but that isn’t an issue yet).

Third Session
Shreikein Mire/Queen of the Mire

Session Story XP: 150

(following is stream of consciousness from Ekk the Half-Orc Ranger. May be updated to include the skill challenges and maybe a narrative rendition if we dam well feel like it)

Thurmaster shrieken mire beatings news. we’re adventurers or
whatever, so we maybe should check it out. Bludgeoning, looks like
trees fell on them, no trees. Giants? Carl told us this.
Definitely bludgeoned by a large weapon. Fish and marsh plants appear
to have been gathered. Giant tracks, but foot shapes and gait don’t
match giants that we know. Lyrik buries them. Ekk watches.
We run into a shepherd who has just seen a dragon. Black or green or
something. His eyes roll back and he falls. Dart in his neck.
FIGHT with lizard people, 218xp
Leader had a somewhat brittle green scale on him. Definitely from a
green dragon, but they’re using it as a holy item (paint and
markings). Lizard men probably worship this thing.
We sleep in a nearby dry place. One lizard says they killed pale one
for the queen of the mire.
Next morning he takes us to her. We begin seeing settlements of
lizard folk who watch us suspiciously. They have mounted drakes.
We’re at a large mound in the middle of the swamp. Greenish mist
rising, overgrowing plants. He points to a cave entrance in the
mound. We go in.
Reeks of alchemy. Air is stinging eyes and nose. Wide natural and
scraped out cave. Eventually enter a section with a large green
dragon on a pile of coins.
Lyrik says we’re paying homage. Dragon is pleased she shows proper
respect. Quinn says we’re here because of troubles in the land and we
don’t want any miscommunications.
Ekk notices the dragon seems ridiculously bored, and not terribly in
the mood to attack us. (More amused and unconcerned by our presence.
Seems to have been eating livestock.)
Quinn explains the giant troubles and asks if her people have been
attacked or gone missing under strange circumstances. She says no.
(Also seems to think she owns the mire.)
We ask if she might be able to deal with the intrusion before there’s
a lizard/human war (another one?). Especially as it’s being caused by
a third party (we’re trying to find out who).
Lyrik points out that villagers are idiots, and would naturally blame
the lizard people if problems continue. Dragon scoffs that she thinks
humans would cause her any real trouble.
Quinn points out that she will have to deal with the third party
anyway, so may as well do so without even bothering with fighting the
She keeps stretching as if she’s cramped and uncomfortable.
She could get exercise and a nice meal if she helped us, though she’s
skeptical she’d need our help in the first place. She’d be willing to
help kill them if we do the work of finding them, and for a price.
Quinn offers his old shield and the 10 orc shields of slain enemies.
That’s a start.
She’s lazy and doesn’t like to keep sending her people to get her
food. Lyrik suggests the townsfolk might honor her with cattle. But
there’s no way they could be feeding a dragon plus themselves.
Green dragons know ritual-like things to grow plants faster to conceal
lairs, but could be used to increase human food production enough to
feed her with surplus livestock.
If we broker that deal and find the giant(s), she’ll kill the giant.
Quinn asks the buying price of a drake mount. She’s noncommittal. We
take our leave.
We broker the deal with the dumb townsfolk. Quinn also manages to buy
a docile rage drake to pull his cart (GM Note: Durpee).
We track the giants (from the feywild) as well, and the dragon kills them.
Pouch with 70gp and an amethyst (100gp) Flamma lingua longsword (+1
flaming longsword). Warhammer of victory +1.
150xp from the quest

Second Session
Mystery of the New Mire

During a routine barge-duty mission, Devin and Ekk caught the tail-end of a Bandit-Kidnapping; in the process, they rescued/aided Carter and Lyric.

After dealing with the Bandits, they were contracted by Darius Carmen to solve the mystery of the New Mire. Having met a group of separatist goblins in the Patchwork Hills, they convinced the Goblin to give up his magical ring in exchange for a duplicate and a fake magic coin.

They gave the coin to Shirez to give to the Neired that lives in the Eelhold.

First Session
Sent into Haranshire, Lured Into Darkness...

A number of natives of the Fallcrest area accepted a commission from Gordrenn Halfmoon to bring a box of arcane ritual components to Tauster in the town of Thurmaster in Haranshire.

On the way, they were attacked by a group of “Farmers” and elves, whom seemed intent on not killing but subduing the wizard Devin Winter. (Capture Them Alive!)

Once in Milborne, they stayed the night at the Baron of Mutton, where they heard the plight of Andren about his missing fiance, Jeleneth. they agreed to help find her, especially since her father believed her to be with her teacher Tauster anyhow.

Once in Thurmaster, they met up with Tauster, found out he knew nothing of her whereabouts but gave them a lead, and then met Squire Marlen, whose home they are somewhat interested in burning down (in the words of Quinn “Is this beam load supporting? WHACK!”).

Following the lead given, they met up with Kuiper, met the feral druid Oleanne, were assaulted by a new tribe of orcs to the area, assisted Kuiper in tracking (you’d think he’d have been better at it…) and found and subdued the frightened boy-werebear Maxim. (Creeping Along the Hog Brook).

Character Information
For First Few Sessions

The following has been seen about the Nentir Vale area, especially in Fallcrest:

Adventurers Needed
150 gold!

Gordrenn Halfmoon, purveyor of magical paraphernalia, material necessities, and related items to many arcanists of note, has need of those with an adventurous spirit to bring an important chest of mystical merchandise to a noted Arcanist a few days West of the Vale. Inquire at the Half Moon Trading House.

Character Creation:

Use the Character Builder to make your character. Click CustomD&D Home Campaign.

Class List: To help establish a more “old school” feel, pick from the following classes:
Ranger (Hunter)
Wizard (Mage)
– Devon(Jimmy) (do not start with Pyromancy or Nethermancy)
Wizard (Bladesinger) – Elf/Eladrin/Half Elf please

Fighter(Knight) – Quinn (Neil)

Cleric(Warpriest) – Lyric (Sarah)

Ranger(Scout) – Eek (Greg)
Rogue(Thief) – Carter (Matt)

Feel free to click on any and all “more options” buttons for further customization.

Human, Deva, Drow*, Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Shifter, Tiefling

*Drow Scouts with scimitars are marked for death, you have been warned.

Feats and other nonsense: once you have a class and race selected from above, if it lets you do it, have fun. avoid the world-specific stuff though (like Dark Sun templates, Eberron Dragon Marks, etc.).

Will now lift either the Race or Class restrictions; a bold race above may be of any class (with certain restrictions, just e-mail me when you are making your character… restrictions would be along lines of Bladesinger, if it’s supposed to be an elf thing, it’s an elf thing. fairly certain most classes are okay in that respect); unless the class listed specific races above, it can be of any race.

examples: Goblin Ranger (hunter)
Human Warlord (Marshal)

do NOT check a sub-race box! That’s FR crap…


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