Night Below

6th Session

(from the Diary of Eek)

Summoned to Lord of Thurmaster’s manor. He thanks us for our previous work. Derpy needs realignment due to an accident in the snow. (It made him chaotic evil, which doesn’t fly with the rest of us. Or with this edition of D&D.)

Some shepherd discovered a room under a big stump, with a strange glowing portal. Now Lord’s son is all gung ho about exploring it, so we need to babysit. Son’s 19, we call him Scooter, even though those don’t exist in this world and no one has ever called him that in his life. He’ll give 280gp to keep Scooter alive.

Portal screams “FEY!” to Devin. He knows it can come out miles away, as it uses the same principles as his own teleportation. Scooter and Lyrik are roped together for safety. Ekk walks through. Golden leaves puff out and disappear. They follow through, Lyrik pushes Scooter, which cuts the rope, leaving her with 45ft. She goes through as well.

Appear in a 40×40ft deep underground. Empty except for 5 portals (there isn’t one we came through) and a fountain with carved Elven sentence. (Information on the paper Darin gave us.) Some of the letters are worn (on the fountain). First two letters have been traced over many times, but long ago. Fountain connected to the elemental chaos to skip a pump system. Devin traces them and finds a good fit, probably the same race had done it all the times before. This is a tomb which will eventually lead back to where we started. Words above the portals refer to who’s buried there in each section.

We decide to go through the warrior portal, “Ohtar”. Identical room, but now more letters are worn. Then we go through the one that starts with the next worn vowel. We make it through and back out, because now there’s a portal back to the understump room. Scooter wants to go back in, but we think we’ve already taken him where he wanted to go. He’ll pay us 20gp to go back in, and his share of the loot.

We go back in, through the thief portal. Now the room has horrific demonic statues with clay jars (how elves are buried to prevent reanimation) around them. Suit of studded leather for the rogue, conveniently. Statues are not magic, not undead, not natural creatures. They’re gargoyles which Devin discovers, and will reanimate when we walk in front of them.


We go back through the portal to the starting room. Then through the Priest door. Floor with tons and tons of carvings, every 5×5 tile has a glyph trap on it. Carter walks across and disables it. Elven skeleton in a sarcophogus on the other side has a 100gp bracelet.

Now through the Wizard door. There’s a grassy area with trees and a pond and stuff. Magic keeping the place alive, but the trees are actual trees. Tree creatures step out when Carter gets close. They’re dryads. We keep telling Devin to shut up about all the fire damage he can do.


We find 3 platinum rings (100gp each)

825xp (525 of which is story)

175gp each from reward and selling loot



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