Night Below

Character Information

For First Few Sessions

The following has been seen about the Nentir Vale area, especially in Fallcrest:

Adventurers Needed
150 gold!

Gordrenn Halfmoon, purveyor of magical paraphernalia, material necessities, and related items to many arcanists of note, has need of those with an adventurous spirit to bring an important chest of mystical merchandise to a noted Arcanist a few days West of the Vale. Inquire at the Half Moon Trading House.

Character Creation:

Use the Character Builder to make your character. Click CustomD&D Home Campaign.

Class List: To help establish a more “old school” feel, pick from the following classes:
Ranger (Hunter)
Wizard (Mage)
– Devon(Jimmy) (do not start with Pyromancy or Nethermancy)
Wizard (Bladesinger) – Elf/Eladrin/Half Elf please

Fighter(Knight) – Quinn (Neil)

Cleric(Warpriest) – Lyric (Sarah)

Ranger(Scout) – Eek (Greg)
Rogue(Thief) – Carter (Matt)

Feel free to click on any and all “more options” buttons for further customization.

Human, Deva, Drow*, Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Shifter, Tiefling

*Drow Scouts with scimitars are marked for death, you have been warned.

Feats and other nonsense: once you have a class and race selected from above, if it lets you do it, have fun. avoid the world-specific stuff though (like Dark Sun templates, Eberron Dragon Marks, etc.).

Will now lift either the Race or Class restrictions; a bold race above may be of any class (with certain restrictions, just e-mail me when you are making your character… restrictions would be along lines of Bladesinger, if it’s supposed to be an elf thing, it’s an elf thing. fairly certain most classes are okay in that respect); unless the class listed specific races above, it can be of any race.

examples: Goblin Ranger (hunter)
Human Warlord (Marshal)

do NOT check a sub-race box! That’s FR crap…



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