Night Below

First Session

Sent into Haranshire, Lured Into Darkness...

A number of natives of the Fallcrest area accepted a commission from Gordrenn Halfmoon to bring a box of arcane ritual components to Tauster in the town of Thurmaster in Haranshire.

On the way, they were attacked by a group of “Farmers” and elves, whom seemed intent on not killing but subduing the wizard Devin Winter. (Capture Them Alive!)

Once in Milborne, they stayed the night at the Baron of Mutton, where they heard the plight of Andren about his missing fiance, Jeleneth. they agreed to help find her, especially since her father believed her to be with her teacher Tauster anyhow.

Once in Thurmaster, they met up with Tauster, found out he knew nothing of her whereabouts but gave them a lead, and then met Squire Marlen, whose home they are somewhat interested in burning down (in the words of Quinn “Is this beam load supporting? WHACK!”).

Following the lead given, they met up with Kuiper, met the feral druid Oleanne, were assaulted by a new tribe of orcs to the area, assisted Kuiper in tracking (you’d think he’d have been better at it…) and found and subdued the frightened boy-werebear Maxim. (Creeping Along the Hog Brook).



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