Night Below

Fourth Session

Gleaming Glade and Peril on the River

Session Story XP: 125
Again from Ekk.

New session! (11/12/11)

Old man in millburne has been mining the hills for generations or somesuch. Talking to Carter, about the Hardlow, other side of the high moor. They were singing about it last night? Treasure? (I guess while we dealt with the dragon and giant problem for Thurmaster.) Cult of handless eyeless god (vechna?) in those woods. Two or three generations ago. Wiped out by a paladin. Parlax? Parfait? The hero fell in some tar or something. Old man knows a song about it. We might be able to get his guilded metal magic armor if we went. Sounds like a plan. (Quinn is training his pack drake / giant salamander thing that he bought from the lizard people.)

We hear howling. FIGHT! We kill the wolves for 125xp.

There are places that seem like they could be the right place, but nothing really stands out until nightfall, when we see a distant phosphorescence. Everything is covered in a pretty glowing mossy stuff. Don’t seem to be any traps there. Tarry pool. Shadowfell energy around. Nothing has grown here in quite some time. These facts are probably related. Temple used to be here, and the paladin cursed it as he died.

Dark energy wafts together over the edge of the tar pit. Humanoid creature made of necrotic energy. Some manner of undead. (GM Note: used Adventure Tools to give weeping writh insub/wraith spawn and solo status, reduced to level 3)
We dig up a bunch of stuff after killing it, in the tarry pool.
kukri-like dagger, elven on it “rebound” – rebounding dagger +2
simple longsword, “proteus”, dynamic longsword +2
ankh necklace – amulet of life +1
kite shield – foe fending shield (marks someone who hits an ally)
fine platinum choker, 340gp
sealed silver case, 75gp
(rhythm blade short sword – I get from Carter and give him the longsword)
25xp story

Inside the case is a letter to Lothar, they’ve been attacked by orcs and sending reinforcements. Spire Keep. From Kanthus. Determined to be about 150 years old, so probably of the paladin and such mentioned in the song (Lothar is the paladin).

We rest and get back all our dailies and such. Quinn left a letter that we’d meet him in Thurmaster. We take barge duty to get paid to go back there. 110gp for the group (28 for me). Walking along the river, escorting the barge, just before dawn. Ambushed by people, one of them is missing his right eye. He’s hooded and swarthy. Others are fighters and bowmen.
Eyeless guy escapes by flying and casting darkness. We kill the others.
We gain:
whitish elven longbow – screaming longbow +1
flensing short sword +1
potion of healing
100xp story

(Milborne can make basic +1 bows and maybe other weapons. Actual quality stuff we can’t buy easily.) (GM Note: “Quality” translates as actual magic magic items, basic well-made, read: just a plus boinus gear, can be purchased…strange materials would need the right people, but that isn’t an issue yet).



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