Night Below

Session 7 - 3/15/12

Ruins in the Thornwood (part 1)

(from the journal of Ekk)

Recall female druid from before (Oleanne or something). Kuiper (ranger) contacts us with info: druid didn’t find orcs, but did find a recently reoccupied fortification (had been abandoned). They may be the kidnappers or connected to them somehow. No sign of Jenna, but Devin somehow seems to have conjured additional wolf/hyena hybrids into existence by looking under a rock, so that was weird…

Then there was some reminiscing about “larp-ing”, whatever that may be. Ekk kind of zoned out at this point.

In the night, Oleanne brings us to the fortification. Sleepy guard with a crossbow. Quinn thinks to pretend to be killed by a wolf in front of the gate, so guard investigates. The rest of us hide. They’re not buying it. Someone came to investigate, sliding the window open in the gate. It slams closed, and the doors start to open a couple minutes later. Two guys come to bring his body in, and he kills them. Entire fortress is on alert.

413 encounter + 60 story + 20 for the bluffing trick.

We get one of them to surrender after killing the rest (angsty teenager). He asks us if we want to kill the priest, not the redheaded guy, but he does have an eyepatch. He’ll draw us a map of the basement.

10gp earring, 40gp bracelet, potion of healing, 50gp pair of dice, 125gp ring, 50sp in change. 57g5s each.

That was the upper floor. Tune in next time for: Basement!



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