Night Below

Session 8 - 3/24

Ruins in the Thorwood - Conclusion

We’re still upstairs, with a new map of the downstairs area drawn by the one guy we let live after our last fight. Quinn left with the kid to take him back to the law. Carter has apparently fallen in love with a villager and asked her hand in marriage, so they’ve been looking for a house together or something.

We head down the stairs in the lumber room. There are footprints heading north through the dust.
> go north
We see the doors to the store room, the toilet, and the prison.
> open storeroom
A huge rat runs out and Devin kills it.

Storeroom is filled with broken furniture, bits of rope, and other useless junk. We check the privy, for thoroughness. Carrion crawler pops out of the pit.

200xp +35xp story

Secret door next to the prison door. It’s locked. Prison also locked, but there’s a grille Devin can see through to teleport. He opens the door for the rest of us. Crazy person’s charcoal drawings on the wall. Several dogs and someone cackling.

217xp +40xp story
100gp chalice, 40gp coins under the bed

There’s a dead wizard and some other bodies in one of the rooms, which have already been looted. We go into the undead room. Former Pelor chapel, now shrine to Orkus, demon of the undead. Also there are zombies.

233xp +35xp story

Altar is mostly covered in what looks like dried blood. We wreck the altar and Lyrik reconsecrates it as a potential new shrine to Pelor.
100xp story for everyone.

We leave and rest (ding!)

(Note to self: have not added any wealth from last or this session to wotc site, nor xp below this point.)

We go back down into the room that has been marked “Priest” on our map, through a secret door in the hallway. It has a nice table set out for a banquet, and also a man and 6 zombies. Lyrik and Devin both die, but Ekk gives them their healing potions and revives them.

498xp + 250xp story

Leader has 3 keys (one ivory and guilded, doesn’t seem to go to anything), magical eyepatch, magical cloak, 8 vials of elixer, 120gp, bracelet (300gp)

Eyepatch is “skullmask” item. (Ekk)
Deep pocket cloak (cloak of holding, +2 to defenses) (Devin)
Elixers of Levitation are the vials (4 Lyrik, 2 Ekk and Devin)

Secret room chest 445gp 250sp, 2 silver flasks with fishy-smelling liquid and goblin ring cult symbol on it.

TOTAL (Each character):
1148 encounter xp (Lyrik gets an extra 75)
360 story xp
343gp 3sp



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