Night Below

Session 9 - 3/31

The Great Rock Dale

We’ve had a chance to rest back in town and buy stuff and suchforth.

The church in Millborne has contacted Lyrik. We go there and there are
two men in there. The younger is Semhase, who runs the church. The
other guy has entered before but she doesn’t know him that well. They
call Lyrik over. Younger would go himself, but tells her the old
temple curator had dreams in the past about some artifact of Pelor in
Great Rock Dale. Stone of rose rising from the ground. New curator
(old guy) says Semhase can’t leave the church, so he’ll give Lyrik old
guy’s holy symbol and some gold, along with his journal, to go get
this thing. They don’t know where Jenna is.

Great Rock Dale is a cavey area like those Ekk used to hunt in. Easy
enough to get up into it. We use the journal and our knowledge of
nature, history, magic, and religion to get to the specific place
based on landmarks. Seems to be more of an obelisk than the kind of
stone we were expecting.

250xp + 20xp story

As we’re looking at the stone, wondering how to do anything useful
with it, we are set upon by orcs.

348xp + 15xp story

More orcs come out and surround us. Devin know the orcs here don’t
like hobgoblins. We tell them we don’t like hobgoblins either. They
didn’t take kindly to my saying that we came here to look at the rock.
They say if we kill hobgoblins and I give them my sword they’ll let
us go. We agree and they take us to a goblin cave.

133xp + 15xp story

FIGHT (with hobgoblins)
586xp + 23xp story

200gp chalice, 50gp torque, 6×15gp officer broaches

The orcs are impressed but tell us not to come back, one comments on
another faction of orcs (bad smell) and gets hit by his commander for
it. We’ve noticed bad smells on bandits. That one still tries to
talk but gets hit again by a superior who doesn’t think they should
tell us anything. Bloodskulls wanted these guys to join them, this guy
said they were scared. Apparently they smell like orc females in heat.
(Except, other orcs wouldn’t find this to be a bad smell, as it would
instead likely make males crazy with lust. So we’ll pretend Darin said
something more reasonable to get across that it’s a fishy smell…)

133xp + 17xp story

We go back to the temple in Millborne and tell them where the stone
is. They’ll send people to get it.

200xp story

110gp and Sun Disk of Pelor

Totals (for EACH person): 150gp, 1450xp, 290xp story



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