Night Below

Third Session

Shreikein Mire/Queen of the Mire

Session Story XP: 150

(following is stream of consciousness from Ekk the Half-Orc Ranger. May be updated to include the skill challenges and maybe a narrative rendition if we dam well feel like it)

Thurmaster shrieken mire beatings news. we’re adventurers or
whatever, so we maybe should check it out. Bludgeoning, looks like
trees fell on them, no trees. Giants? Carl told us this.
Definitely bludgeoned by a large weapon. Fish and marsh plants appear
to have been gathered. Giant tracks, but foot shapes and gait don’t
match giants that we know. Lyrik buries them. Ekk watches.
We run into a shepherd who has just seen a dragon. Black or green or
something. His eyes roll back and he falls. Dart in his neck.
FIGHT with lizard people, 218xp
Leader had a somewhat brittle green scale on him. Definitely from a
green dragon, but they’re using it as a holy item (paint and
markings). Lizard men probably worship this thing.
We sleep in a nearby dry place. One lizard says they killed pale one
for the queen of the mire.
Next morning he takes us to her. We begin seeing settlements of
lizard folk who watch us suspiciously. They have mounted drakes.
We’re at a large mound in the middle of the swamp. Greenish mist
rising, overgrowing plants. He points to a cave entrance in the
mound. We go in.
Reeks of alchemy. Air is stinging eyes and nose. Wide natural and
scraped out cave. Eventually enter a section with a large green
dragon on a pile of coins.
Lyrik says we’re paying homage. Dragon is pleased she shows proper
respect. Quinn says we’re here because of troubles in the land and we
don’t want any miscommunications.
Ekk notices the dragon seems ridiculously bored, and not terribly in
the mood to attack us. (More amused and unconcerned by our presence.
Seems to have been eating livestock.)
Quinn explains the giant troubles and asks if her people have been
attacked or gone missing under strange circumstances. She says no.
(Also seems to think she owns the mire.)
We ask if she might be able to deal with the intrusion before there’s
a lizard/human war (another one?). Especially as it’s being caused by
a third party (we’re trying to find out who).
Lyrik points out that villagers are idiots, and would naturally blame
the lizard people if problems continue. Dragon scoffs that she thinks
humans would cause her any real trouble.
Quinn points out that she will have to deal with the third party
anyway, so may as well do so without even bothering with fighting the
She keeps stretching as if she’s cramped and uncomfortable.
She could get exercise and a nice meal if she helped us, though she’s
skeptical she’d need our help in the first place. She’d be willing to
help kill them if we do the work of finding them, and for a price.
Quinn offers his old shield and the 10 orc shields of slain enemies.
That’s a start.
She’s lazy and doesn’t like to keep sending her people to get her
food. Lyrik suggests the townsfolk might honor her with cattle. But
there’s no way they could be feeding a dragon plus themselves.
Green dragons know ritual-like things to grow plants faster to conceal
lairs, but could be used to increase human food production enough to
feed her with surplus livestock.
If we broker that deal and find the giant(s), she’ll kill the giant.
Quinn asks the buying price of a drake mount. She’s noncommittal. We
take our leave.
We broker the deal with the dumb townsfolk. Quinn also manages to buy
a docile rage drake to pull his cart (GM Note: Durpee).
We track the giants (from the feywild) as well, and the dragon kills them.
Pouch with 70gp and an amethyst (100gp) Flamma lingua longsword (+1
flaming longsword). Warhammer of victory +1.
150xp from the quest



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