Night Below

Fifth Session

Kidnapping on the Mores and Crypt

Story XP: 450

(From Ekk)

We start in Thurmaster. Regrouped with everyone. Derpy is now mostly
successfully pulling the cart Quinn got for him. He is less
successfully not eating the feather on his barding helmet.
We notice Squire Marlin organizing the guardsmen into a search party.
He calls us over. Seven Pilgrims of Pelor (and 2 guards) were
supposed to have arrived a few days earlier. They fear the worst.
Searching Howler’s Moor. We decide to help with the search.

Hear a howling in the distance after about a day of searching.
Wolf-like, but not just one kind of howl, coming from different
directions. Two humanoid bodies in the distance. Barely alive or
slightly undead, as one of them moves. Pretty mangled, so probably
the latter. Both have Pelor necklace and patches. Attempting to hold
in his intestines. A red-haired man allegedly took the other pilgrims
(so says the one still moving, so maybe they were just a bit alive
still). These were the guards for the 7 still-missing pilgrims.
Howling is getting louder.

FIGHT! 155xp (and 150xp for finding the pilgrims + 150xp for bringing them back)

There are tracks leading away, which we follow. They lead to the
river and vanish, but are heading westward (away from town). Bindings
found on the side of the trail, but they were walking. We brought the
bodies back to town, saying we lost the others. Red-haired guy with a
scar isn’t a local, but is the same guy who took the wizard Lyrik and
Carter were escorting. We search a bit more, pilgrims are nowhere to
be found.

The Count encountered a tomb with a cursed locked door. We decide to
go check it out, as it’s killing dudes and he’ll pay us to figure out.
Statue of maybe an elven wizard/fighter type. Down one hallway, we
see two creatures (undead). There’s an arm in one’s mouth. Ghouls
and/or ghasts.

FIGHT! 160xp

We solve the door puzzle and get 150xp. There’s monsters and such on
the other side. Giant bloated corpse in the water.

FIGHT! 155xp (150 plot xp for getting into the tomb)

We find some good stuff in the tomb (lots of art and such that we take
a cut of for 234gp each).



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